The trouble with trouble is…

it starts out as fun.

My host parents, Ken and Jan, being nurturing and protective, told Ellie and me to pack sandwiches and pieces of fruit as a lunch instead of buying one at the pub. Wise words, as we both know how expensive meals out can be. So, off we went to class this morning, our backpacks packed with pb&j’s and bananas.

Well. A busy day makes you hungry, but a packed schedule makes you forgetful. In the couple of hours we had between classes, a group of us decided to walk around central London because some of them needed to find a store to buy some school supplies, and others wanted to find some lunch. I ate my sandwich as we wandered around the streets of London, deciding just to buy a Coke or tea at whatever restaurant we ended up at. That banana, however, stayed buried deep in my backpack, soon forgotten as I sat down to a crêpe and pear juice at a very impressive Italian place.

After another class, plus a couple of hours spent finding and exploring Stamford Bridge, a long Tube ride home (at which I deposited my backpack on my pretty white bed), supper, a walk around the neighborhood, and some quality time with Facebook, I came back to my room to discover the smushed banana oozing out through the front of my backpack and onto the lacy white duvet on the bed. Two lovely brown marks stubbornly clung to it, despite my desperate scrubbing with a washcloth.

I. Felt. Horrible. I was convinced I must be the WORST student they ever had stay with them. If I had just eaten the banana at lunch instead of that delicious crêpe, this wouldn’t have happened. But what could I do? I told Jan about the stain, and she was so incredibly understanding, even telling me a story about a previous girl who thought she brought back some sort of bug from a hostile, resulting in Jan fumigating the room. (It turns out she didn’t bring back anything. It was just a random bug in the room.) The duvet cover was washed, a new one was put on, and no harm had been done.

What moral can you learn from this long and drawn out tale about a banana? Things aren’t always as bad as they seem. It was the first bump in my road, and it was so minor and easily fixed. Yet at the time, it seemed like such a dreadful mistake. I knew things couldn’t always be perfect, but really? A banana? That was what was going to throw me off course? All you can really do is roll your eyes and laugh (after you wash the duvet cover so that the stain doesn’t set in, of course).

Okay, London, what else you got for me?

Places recently visited: King’s Cross Station platform 9 3/4 + Harry Potter store, Stamford Bridge (home of the Chelsea Football Club), ALL OVER Central London…on foot


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