Midnight Ramblings

A friend once told me that it doesn’t truly sink in that you’re going to a foreign country until you step off of the plane. It sounds like a cliché, but I believed it as soon as I heard it. I’ve known for six months that I’ll be going to London, but after all this time, it still hasn’t sunk in. I’ve packed my suitcases and printed my boarding ticket and researched currency and customs and culture, but I don’t think there’s really any way to prepare yourself for that moment you step off the plane and find yourself in a brand new country, facing months of adventures and challenges you haven’t even imagined yet. Sounds a bit daunting, doesn’t it?


Something I’ve noticed as I’ve been preparing for my trip is that whenever I tell someone I’m going to be studying abroad for a semester, they always ask me two things. 1- Am I excited? Well, obviously. 2- Am I scared? All I can do for this question is shake my head. “Not really,” I say, and I mean it. Do I think I’ll get lost trying to navigate the Tube for the first time? Absolutely. Will it be a bit overwhelming trying to fit into a culture I mainly know from Jane Austen novels? Most definitely. But it’s all part of the experience of traveling.

Expect the unexpected, right?

So I can say confidently that no, I’m not scared. I’m ready for you, London.


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